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As malls grow in square footage, the number of management tasks also expands.

MallWox helps you court new lucrative opportunities, manage leases, and respond to tenant concerns.

MallWox addresses the critical areas of mall management such as:

  • Tenant Mix
  • Promotions
  • Mall Positioning
  • Marketing
  • Facility Management
  • Finance Management
Modules for mall management in Construction Software
Payroll Management
  • Salary Configuration
  • Holiday Configuration
  • Shift Allocation
  • Leave Opening Entry
  • Leave Request
  • Attendance Upload
  • Salary Advance
  • Salary Advance Disbursement
  • Employee Loans Request
  • Employee Loan Disbursement
  • Loan Pre Closure
  • Shift Allowance/Overtime Calculation
  • Employee Incentive
  • Salary Process
  • Salary Period Locking
  • Employee Final Settlement
  • Employee Overtime Calculation
Financial Accounting
  • Asset Budget
  • Asset Request
  • Asset Supplier Registration
  • Asset Depreciation
  • Asset Register
  • Asset Insurance
  • Asset Allocation
  • Asset Allocation Return
Facility Management
  • Complaint Registration
  • Complaint Allocation
  • Work Monitoring
  • Complaint Follow Up
  • Complaint Closure
Financial Accounting
  • Financial Year End
  • Financial Year Close
  • Voucher Number
  • Voucher Date Limit
  • Opening Balance
  • Income And Expense Balance
  • Journal Voucher
  • Bank Voucher
  • Cash Voucher
  • Contra Voucher
  • Com-Com Fund Transfer
  • Journal Voucher
  • Bank Receipt
  • Cash Receipt
  • Bank Payment
  • Cash Payment
  • Contra Voucher
  • Cheque Printing
  • Cheque Re-Printing
  • Cheque Handing Over
  • Bank Reconciliation Opening
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Budget Creation
  • Procurement Budget
  • Procurement Plan
  • Procurement Planning Template
For Tenants
  • Enables visibility and better communication.
  • Self-service portal provides the ability to make payments and update stored information.
For Vendors
  • Enables easier sharing of maintenance tasks.
  • Faster service order fulfillment.
For Management
  • Total view of mall tenant portfolio, lease terms, and financial performance.
For the Company
  • Centralized access to information from various locations.
  • Centralized document repository for rapid access for research and history.
  • Enables faster approvals through the workflow to hit targets faster.
Track Lease using shopping mall management software
Track Lease
SOLIDBLOX™ makes it easy to know what your leases say, how much they cost, and when they need attention. It enables you to control, report, track, and manage the lessee and make better decisions on leases and related information. The system helps you do tenant follow ups and the lease details. SOLIDBLOX™ ensures that you will never miss the renewal periods and also generates invoice. It also helps you keep the lease details including the rent escalations.
Perform Maintenance using shopping mall management software
Perform Maintenance
Managing the infrastructure facilities provided to the tenants within the mall is a major headache for many. This includes provision of power supply, safety issues, disaster management, water supply, sanitation, etc, which forms an integral part of mall management. SOLIDBLOX™ helps you in managing all the basic amenities that any tenant would look for in a mall.
Manage Expenses using mall management software
Manage Expenses
SOLIDBLOX™covers financial management, which involves monitoring and controlling of various issues related to mall management. Cash receipts and collection of income including rentals, service charges, car park receipts, electricity and other utility income can be controlled and monitored with the help of an efficient system like SOLIDBLOX™. You can also develop an accounting system to track the ageing of debts, payment patterns and payment of all invoices and expenses. The expenses involved in facility management and promotional and marketing activities of the mall can also be easily managed through the system.
Track Lease using shopping mall management software
Perform Maintenance using shopping mall management software
Manage Expenses using mall management software
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