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Managed Services

IT and infrastructure management services have undergone a significant change and SOLIDBLOX™’s management services with its strong domain capabilities and specialized capabilities helps businesses across the globe to transform their vision to reality. SOLIDBLOX™ provides a full range of managed services to meet your company's diverse, often unique IT infrastructure needs. Whatever the need and wherever your company falls in the service continuum, SOLIDBLOX™ can architect the right solution.

Managed Services enable you to improve IT efficiency and transparency with expertise, tools, and capabilities—ranging from streamlining, managing, and optimizing your information infrastructure to speeding provisioning and driving continuous innovation.

Our Managed Services include:
  • Managed Hosting
  • Network Services
  • Managed Security
  • OS Management
  • Middleware Server Management
  • Database Management
  • Storage Solutions
  • Email Hosting and Backup Solutions

We design each of our managed services with top vendor solutions, appliances and platforms, add industry best practices and test mercilessly. But the secret additive is the quality of expert attention each SOLIDBLOX™ professional provides our business customers. We know this because our customers tell us so.