Construction Resource Management Software

for Material, Labor, Equipment, Service Management
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Managing resources is a major program area in any construction business. Improving this capability means improved returns on the project.

Resource management encompasses a broad set of management needs. SOLIDBLOX™ delivers a full range of resource management features to manage inventory, measure utilization, and over time to help you optimize the use of resources during project execution.

SOLIDBLOX™ will help you with:

Vendor Management to
  • Manage vendor lists and ratings based on past performance.
Labor Management to
  • Manage labor details.
  • Manage visa, work permit, and other related legal details.
  • Assign labor to projects.
Contractor Management to
  • Manage contractor terms and milestones.
  • Manage payments based on work completion.
  • Manage ratings to record performance history over time.
Equipment Management
  • Manage equipment terms and maintenance schedules.
  • Streamline procurement approvals to ensure timely order placement with vendors.
Inventory Warehousing
  • Manage material stocking workflow including material inspection, acceptance/rejection, stocking, return, and ordering.
  • Appropriate approvals tracking enables users to ensure proper audit tracking and history.
Modules for managing material, labor, equipment and services in a resource management software.
Sub Contractor Management
  • Contractor Performance Assessment
  • Service Request
  • Availability Assessment
  • Service Indent
  • Contractor Creation
  • Request for Bid
  • Bid Analysis
  • Work Order
  • Designated Contractor
  • Advances
  • Work Order Amendment
  • Work Measurement PRW
  • Debit/Credit Note
  • Contractor Bill
  • Contractor Payment Certification
  • Work Order Closure
  • Retention Release Request
  • Contractor Delisting
Material Procurement
  • Request For Material
  • Availability Assessment
  • Material Indent
  • Indent Consolidation
  • Supplier Project Mapping
  • Store Project Mapping
  • Request For Bid
  • Bid Analysis
  • Purchase Order
  • Direct Purchase Order
  • Supplier Advances
  • Purchase Order Amendment
  • PO Closure
  • Supplier Delisting
Inventory and Warehousing
  • Material Group Store Mapping
  • Opening Stock Entry
  • Transfer Order
  • Goods Receipt Note
  • Goods Rejection
  • Material Receipt
  • Debit/Credit Note
  • Invoice Entry
  • Supplier Advances
  • Payment Certification
  • Material Return
  • Issue Request
  • Material Issue
  • Stock Return
  • Transfer Return
  • Stock Reconciliation
  • Transfer Issue
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Material Disposal
Labor Management
  • Request For Labor
  • Labor Contractor Registration
  • Labor Indent
  • Indent Consolidation
  • Request For Bid
  • Bid Analysis
  • Labor Work Order
  • Designated Labor Contractor
  • Labor Advances
  • Labor Induction Hire
  • Labor Gang Formation Hired
  • Labor Allocation
  • Labor Attendance
  • Payment Certification
  • Labor Work Order Addendum
  • Labor Work Order Amendment
  • Transfer Order
  • Labor Transfer
  • Labor Induction
  • Payment Request
  • Payment Calculations
  • Labor Contractor DeListing
  • Labor Insurance
  • Labor Work Order Closure
Plant and Machinery Services
  • Equipment Request
  • Equipment Supplier Registration
  • Equipment Hire Indent
  • Indent Consolidation
  • Request For Hire Bid
  • Bid Analysis
  • Equipment Hire Order
  • Goods Receipt Note
  • Equipment Rejection
  • Equipment Allocation
  • Equipment Utilization Tracking
  • Equipment Allocation Return
  • Payment Certification
  • Equipment Transfer Order
  • Equipment Transfer
  • Hire Order Amendment
  • Hire Order Addendum
  • Equipment Hire Order Closure
  • Equipment Supplier Delisting
  • Maintenance Activity
  • Maintenance Plan
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Breakdown Maintenance
For Partners
  • Reduce time to respond to vendor questions.
  • Build strong vendor ratings through tracking of historical performance.
  • Enables earlier project involvement through vendor visibility to specific project details.
  • Delivers timely vendor work approval and payments.
For Management
  • Enables better operational control of inventory mechanics.
  • Enables better risk management by setting alerts for various types of resource overruns.
  • Enables better tracking means disputes over quality of work can be more easily tracked to source.
  • Enables better negotiation leverage with Suppliers based on historical rates and delivery performance.
For the Company

Streamlines operations and improve cost performance by:

  • Improving collaboration capabilities between various actors in various locations.
  • Enforcing proper checks and approvals in the procurement and order management process.
  • Reducing inventory carrying costs.
  • Reducing material waste.
  • Reducing out-of-stock delays and fees.
  • Routing out order discrepancies.
  • Reducing idle material stock.

Improve cost control through:

  • Easier monitoring of subcontractor billing and deliveries.
  • Easier financial approval tracking.
Construction Industry Resource Management Software
Control Consumption
The procurement of the right material at the right time at the right price is very important while executing the project. SOLIDBLOX™ helps requisitions to directly link to project plan and also indents the resources for procurement. It also accumulates resources from different sites for procurement and automatically generates Request For Quote (RFQ) for the procurement of resources.
With SOLIDBLOX™, the revenue cuts on quality of work can be passed on to the sub-contractor through effective usage of payment certification. Idle material stock can be minimized through tracking by effectively using the procurement calendar.
Reduce wastage using construction industry resource management software
Reduce Wastage
Improvement in the timing and quantity of inventory receipts based on actual production requirements can substantially reduce inventory values and their associated carrying costs. SOLIDBLOX™ will tell you what material and quantity to procure and when to procure, which will reduce in wastage of materials.
Procure at right time using construction resource management software
Procure at Right Time
SOLIDBLOX™ allows users to see where their materials, equipment, and labor are in real-time. It also helps you deploy the right P&M for a particular project at the right time, and make sure that idle time of various P&M assets are kept to minimal. The system also helps maintain the stocks of the construction enterprise at company level as well as site level.
Construction Industry Resource Management Software
Reduce wastage using construction industry resource management software
Procure at right time using construction resource management software
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