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Project Tracking requires actors to closely collaborate in tracking the status of a project against set budget, schedule, and quality targets. Often led by the Project Management office, ProjectMan for Bid and Project Tracking can be a valuable tool to help you not only coordinate and report on project health, but also help you forecast potential areas of delay or cost. Here are some ways that ProjectMan can work for you in
Project Costing:
  • Cost project more precisely through a bottom-up approach.
  • Define, refine, analyze, and optimize all quantity and cost variables.
  • Compare resource rates across different Schedule Of Rates (SOR) libraries in the organization.
  • Systemic process means costing by different members of the organization delivers the same quality results over many iterations.
  • Cost buffers and profit margin tracking helps you meet profitability targets.
  • Collaboratively prepare bids against RFB, RFQ or RFP by empowering bid team visibility at all levels from tender/bid notice to award stages.
  • Gain agility during client negotiations for refining the bid to incorporate relevant client suggestions.
Project Tracking:
  • Manage changes by referencing Project Cost Baselines
  • Access Project health with snapshots of revenues and costs for individual projects.
  • Keep track of up-to-date project activities.
  • Manage schedules in Microsoft® Project Plan or within SOLIDBLOX™.
Portfolio Tracking:
  • Gain insight across the project portfolio on total income/expense, Percentage of Completion, and resource commitments.
Client Billing:
  • Integrated link between project status and Client Billing reduces lag time on invoicing, while improving accuracy.
Modules for project bidding and tracking in Construction Software
Cost Engineering
  • Material Structure
  • Labor Structure
  • Equipment Structure
  • Service Structure
  • Overhead Structure
  • Activity Structure
  • SOR Material
  • SOR Labor
  • SOR Service
  • SOR Overhead
  • SOR Activity
  • SOR Activity Optimization
  • SOR Copy
Tender Bid Management
  • Client Details
  • Client Tender Detail
  • Tender Bid Steps
  • BOQ Preparation
  • Bid Cost Preparation
  • Bid Price Preparation
  • Bid Envelope
  • Client Contract Detail
Project Portfolio Management
  • Project Definition
  • Zero Budget Definition
  • Zero Budget Mapping
  • Refer To PMO
Project Cost Management
  • Quantity Take Off
  • WBS From BOQ
  • WBS Definition
  • Work Package Cost Estimation
  • Schedule Activity Cost Estimation
  • Project Cost Baseline
  • Tracking Milestone Definition
  • Map WBS To Tracking Milestone
  • WBS-Zero Budget Mapping
  • Client Contract-WBS Mapping
Project Monitoring and Control
  • Execution Cost
  • Execution Schedule
  • Release Activity For Execution
  • Daily Project Progress
  • Punch List
  • Work Measurement
Project Schedule Management
  • Project Schedule Definition
  • Project Schedule Baseline
Contract Sales Billing
  • Client Contract- Milestone Mapping
  • Debit - Credit Note Preparation
  • Client Claim Preparation
  • Client Claim Certification
  • Payment Receipt
  • Retention Release Request
For Customers
  • Quickly respond to customer requests about Project Costs and Schedule.
  • Quickly produce professional reports to share with customers quickly.
For Partners
  • Easily collaborate on Tender/Bid opportunities.
  • Involvement at earlier stages of the project process encourages constructive partner engagement.
  • Enables proactive vendor responses, improving project outcomes.
For Management
  • Improve predictability through a systemic approach to cost and schedule management.
  • Facilitates planning of working capital requirements.
  • Pinpoint changes in costs when working against revised Cost Baselines.
  • Increase worker productivity.
  • Improve quality of output with less input.
For the Company
  • Increased project visibility and real-time reporting encourages flexibility from actors in the field to management levels.
  • Use of Best Practices in Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) increases professional standing.
  • Focus professional time on value added activities.
Monitor real time using construction project management sofware
Monitor Real Time
Business information updated to the minute helps to take better decisions. These involve critical decisions like those involved in bidding process. Who will say no to a system which will help you develop timely and optimized bid responses by effectively managing bid costs, pricing and responses?

  • Bid preparation time will be reduced considerably
  • Cost buffers and profit margins can be tracked
  • Reduced project planning costs
Finish on Schedule using Construction Project Management Software
Finish on Schedule
Finishing your projects on time is vital to your business profitability. SOLIDBLOX™ comes handy here as it supports best practices in project management processes, based on globally accepted standards. The project monitoring in SOLIDBLOX™ helps you understand and visualize the connections between various tasks and sub-tasks that make up the project.

  • Supports best practices in work breakdown structure
  • Track different set of milestones by different stakeholders involved
  • Ensures complete visibility of key health induces and issues
Manage Risks using Construction Project Management Software
Manage Risks
SOLIDBLOX™ helps you to identify potential risks and opportunities that would be valuable across multiple business functions from projects to sales. SOLIDBLOX™ helps you reduce delays in information sharing between departments and minimize errors and conflict due to incomplete data. Through effective use of rate analysis engine, the system will help you come up with realistic estimate. SOLIDBLOX™ will prevent material pilferage and chances of data entry/reporting error will be reduced as transaction data is mostly referred from another module and base data are defined as masters. You would be able to predict cost at completion, using SOLIDBLOX™. Besides, through ageing analysis in the system, the working capital risks could be minimized.
Monitor real time using construction project management sofware
Finish on Schedule using Construction Project Management Software
Manage Risks using Construction Project Management Software
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