Configuration of Construction Management Software

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Cost Engineering
Resource Structuring and Rates, Activity Structuring, SOR Structure and Rate Analysis, Rate Optimization
Tender Bid Management
Tender Bid Steps, BOQ Preparation, Bid Cost and Price Preparation, Bid Envelope
Contract Sales Billing
Client Contract Milestone Mapping, Client Claim Preparation, Certified Bill Entry, Debit and Credit Note Preparation
Project Portfolio Management
Project Definition, Zero Budget Definition, Project Reference to PMO, Project Course Correction
Project Cost Management
WBS Definition and Milestone Mapping, Work Package Cost Estimation, Schedule Activity Cost Estimation, Project Cost Baselining
Project Schedule Management
Project Schedule Definition, Schedule Progress Updating, Project Schedule Baselining
Project Monitoring and Control
Define Execution Plan, Release activity for execution, Project Progress and Punch List, Measurement Books
Project Contractor Management
Request for Contractor and Quotes, Contractor Rating and De-listing, Quotation Analysis and Work Order, Advances and Bill Verification
Project Material Procurement
Vendor Creation, Rating, and Removal, Request Consolidation, RFQ, Quotation Analysis, and PO, PO Amendment, and Short Close
Project Inventory and Warehousing
Material Logistics, GRN, Goods Rejection, MRN, Material Return, Material Issue, Consumption Monitoring, Stock Adjustment, Reconciliation
Project Equipment Management
Availability Assessment, Advances, Commissioning, Equipment Hire, Hire Invoice, Equipment Allocation, P and M Log
Project Labor Management
Labor Specification, Allocation, Deployment Order, Attendance, Borrowed and Direct Labor Payment, Labor Transfer, Promotion, Training
Enterprise Procurement and Warehousing
Procurement Budget, Procurement Package, Procurement Plan, Material and Services Procurement, Inventory and Stores, Advance and Invoices
Business Development
Product Structure, Product Attributes, Product Pricing, Payment Plan, Sales Projection
Client Enquiry Management
Client Details, Lead Details, Lead Qualification, Product Matching, Lead Follow Up, Define Client Offer, Product Blocking, Booking, Receipt
Property Lease Management
Lease Attributes, Lease Pricing, Tenant Details, Lead Details, Tenant Term sheet, Rental Agreement, Invoice Generation, Lease Receipt
Sales Force Management
Define Sales Team, Property Agent, Sales Team Assignment, Sales Team Target, Incentives, Commission
Property Sales Management
Legal Formalities, Home Loan Support, Client Billing, Receivables Collection, Client Refund, Transfer of Possession, Customization, Additional Purchase
Facility Management
Tenant Utility Consumption, Utility Expenses, Utility Invoice Computation, Utility Receivables Receipt
Human Resource Management
Employee Details, Skills, KRA, Resource Request, Surplus Declaration, CV Registration, Interview Scheduling, Induction, Transfer, Promotion, Relieving
Fixed Assets Management
Asset Register, Asset Request, Asset Allocation, Asset Allocation Return, Depreciation, Planned Maintenance, Unplanned Maintenance, Vehicle Log, Asset Insurance
Office Administrative Services
Complaint Register, Allocation, Tracker, Contact Management, Material and Service Request, Payment Request
Payroll Management
Pay Scale Settings, Tax Configuration, Salary Parameters, PF Settings, Salary Processing, Holiday, Leave, and Debit / Credit
Land and Legal Management
Land Parcel Definition, Splitting, Merging, Land Purchase, Lease, Sales, JD, Manage Court Cases, Obtain Regulatory Approvals
Financial Accounting
Bank Reconciliation, AR and AP, Multi-Currency Accounting, Books, Registers & Statement of Accounts, Cost Centers & Profit Centers
Business Process Management
Master Business Data, Business Policy, Process Behavior Configuration
N Level Approval Matrices, Workflow Checklist, Approval sequencing, Alerts for action
Document Center
Document Templates, Document Storage, Document Access Control
Collaboration Center
Discussion Threads, Discussion Groups
Meeting Manager
Meeting Pre Requisites, Meeting Agenda, Meeting MoM, Meeting Action Items
Partner Portal
Supplier Portal, Contractor Portal, Online RFQ, Online Bid Submission
Client Portal
Client Notice Publication, Client Account Status, Client communication

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